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Our Programmes



The main purpose of the Advocacy Programme is to spearhead ACK advocacy and governance activities by conducting nationwide capacity building for ADS Regions and dioceses to ensure that the whole church embraces advocacy as a basic component of social development.  read more

Climate Change Adaptation

The goal of the disaster management work of the church is to have: An effective, innovative programme which will deliver real, measurable benefits to the people we serve, at the same time, insist on wider change so that we can meet immediate needs but address the reasons why people are so vulnerable to disasters. read more

 Community Development

The Health, HIV&AIDS desk has continued to contribute to the reduction of National HIV prevalence in this country. read more

Sustainability &  Availability of Development Resources

CCB facilitates ACK Inter-Regional linkages and exchanges as an important dimension of development through capacity building. read more

Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Development

The IT/Research, Communication and Sustainability Program has played a significant role in enabling the Church remain tech- savvy through promoting her efficiency in communication by managing a reliable telecommunication system. read more

Knowledge Management

Communication and Documentation is a service function at the ADS-Kenya, working closely with the ongoing programmes to facilitate documentation of various development projects implemented. read more


Press Statements

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