Community Capacity Building

The acceptable models of development promoted by the programme are People-owned-Process (PoP) and Church & Community Capacity Mobilisation Programme (CCMP). CCB facilitates ACK Inter-Regional linkages and exchanges as an important dimension of development through capacity building.

People taking own initiatives and addressing their own needs: moving out of dependency is the ultimate goal of the programme. This will be achieved through the facilitation and coordination of the ACK implementing organs to adopt the most suitable tools that ‘Do No Harm’ as they engage with the communities they serve.

Capacity Building

CCB facilitates the church organs to convene, discuss and articulate ACK’s position on pertinent issues facing the country, its leadership, and other global issues. This is done through regular church leaders consultations, Archbishop’s advisory teams, and ADS Region leaders consultations.

CCB promotes People-owned-Process (PoP) and Church & Community Capacity Mobilisation Programme (CCMP) approaches among the ACK development structures for effective engagement with communities and congregations. The two development models strive to upscale target communities’ and the congregation’s involvement and participation in the course of undertaking their development initiatives and processes. The programme continuously documents and disseminates success stories and challenges of PoP and CCMP among the ACK implementing organs from time to time.

The programme is engaged in scaling up the internal consultancy capacity of the Anglican Church in Kenya by raising more consultants in different technical fields from among the ADS Regions. The consultants will be available to consult for fellow ADS Regions and also for other Institutions seeking their services.

Resourceful Linkages

ADS-Kenya values mutual support, Inter-Regional linkages, and exchanges as an important dimension of development through capacity building. CCB supports and coordinates consultation and learning among the 9 ADS Regions to share experiences of best practices in development through directors meetings, symposiums and other experience-sharing forums for staff.

CCB is engaged in facilitating the development, circulation, review, and use of various training materials together with the expertise that exists in the ADS Regions. This includes the production of IEC materials to enhance advocacy work and promote public education.

Recent Event on Community Capacity Building

Anglican Development Services participated in the official Launch and commissioning of the five talents Kenya an organization that fights poverty, creating jobs and transforming lives through empowering the poor through innovative savings and financial inclusion programs, business training, and spiritual development. Below are photos of Anglican Bishop signing an agreement for the two organizations to collaborate.