Documentation & Communication

Communication and Documentation is a service function at the Anglican Development Services – Kenya, working closely with the ongoing programmes to facilitate documentation of various development projects implemented. This offers support for reporting, resource mobilization, capacity building and dissemination for replication and adoption in other areas. Information gathering and dissemination are done through print and electronic forms such as photos, video production, monthly e-newsletter, website, and stories. Specific learning, case studies, and stories are documented and disseminated to all stakeholders through the monthly e-journal and website.

Medial Liaison

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) has over the years taken a proactive step in responding to areas of concern in the nation. Through press statements and press releases, the ACK ensures her stand on various issues is publicly declared and the same upheld with integrity. The ACK Archbishop, Bishops, Provincial Synod Officials, ADS Regional Directors, and Departmental Heads have jointly been enriching the press statements before they are released to ensure the church moved as a united front. This is also done in collaboration with other religious leaders and forums among them Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK) and National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK). Together with the advocacy desk, communication and documentation function provides information support for the Archbishop interview by media on emerging issues of public interest for developing the church’s stand.


One of the key areas is keeping track of ACK development work by monitoring the projects through field trips and documenting the project implementation and progress through photos/video productions/ case stories. The same is transformed into experience sharing stories/ features for the e-newsletter, and website(s). Success stories and case studies seek to enhance information exchange for adoption and replication of successful practices.

Information sharing and dissemination

On a monthly basis, an e-newsletter is disseminated highlighting key ACK’s events, development projects, together with regions’ initiatives. This captures case studies, features and research stories on various development engagements of ACK through the nine ADS Regions spread throughout the country. The e-newsletter is also uploaded on the ACK websites for access to those who may not be on the mailing list. Other IEC materials are also developed periodically by various programmes to assist in sharing information and capacity building. The Communication function supports in content and design of the same.


The documentation function also assists in the production of the annual and other project reports including reviewing project proposal and report literature, pictures, layout, and printing. The process begins from monitoring the projects through field trips and documenting the project implementation then interviewing the beneficiaries to assess impact. The stories are captured through still photos and audiovisual productions.

Modern Technology in Mission

In order to remain relevant in a world that is rapidly changing, many organizations have embraced technological advancement. The Anglican Church of Kenya has two websites and which capture the church’s engagement in mission and social transformation respectively. The same is updated with information on key church events, church profile and development initiatives the church implements making it a resource for those seeking information on ACK.

An Information Resource Centre

ADS-Kenya seeks to serve as a central point of disseminating information on national and global trends of development matters and maintaining feedback to ADS Regions and the dioceses. This entails working hand in hand with the various development actors to position ACK as a resource centre on development issues. The information will be used for fundraising and developing relevant campaigns in liaison with the programme desk needs. With the recent establishment of the church and community capacity building desk, development and dissemination of IEC materials for training and information sharing will be facilitated.